How to care for a waxed canvas bag:

    1. Shake or brush off dirt, sand or any other abrasive material.
    2. Use cold water and a sponge,rag or brush.
    3. With a little mild soap, gently massage the spotted surface.
    4. Rinse with a sponge and cold water. Let the bag air dry.

  • Never wash your bag in the washing machine.
  • Never use warm or hot water to clean it.
  • Never have it dry cleaned
  • Never use detergent, solvent or starch.
  • Do not leave waxed canvas goods in a hot place, such as a car in the sun. heat will ruin the waxed finish of the bag


    Depending on how much hard use your bag gets, at some point the finish may start to wear off and you may consider re-waxing it. You can do this yourself, if you're up to it

    • Use Otter Wax or Martexin Wax, or an approved product, made for this purpose, only.
    • Bag should be clean and dry.
    • Lay as flat as possible using a table or ironing board, and put down paper or some kind of protective barrier underneath, to help with the mess.
    • Using a soft cloth or your gloved fingers to apply the wax, rub down the entire bag as evenly as possible.
    • If the wax isn’t pliable enough, warm it slightly by submerging the container in warm water.
    • Once you have covered the bag completely and evenly, warm up the wax to impregnate the fibers. There is a number of ways to do this, you can leave in the sun for a short time, you can use a hair dryer or heat gun, or you can use an iron, with a piece of waxed paper in between iron and fabric.

      **There is a number of videos on you tube on how to do this, if you are a more visual learner**