• $33.00

Hand-dyed (procion fiber reactive dye) and hand-printed bandana with some of my favorite plants in the woods.

The plants are:
white oak, hemlock, wood sorrel, black cohosh, ground cedar, stinging nettle, and wine berry

These bandanas are made with a soft and light 70% organic cotton/30% hemp that will only soften over time. They edges are finished with a double folded hem and sewn with cotton thread so the thread is the same color as the bandana.

They are also discharge printed, which is a way of taking the dye out of the fabric where you print the image rather than put ink on top of the fiber, resulting in a very soft and not crunchy bandana.

*please understand and accept the wabi sabi of hand dyed, hand printed textile art, and realize the color may vary slightly from color in photo*