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Blanket Scarf

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The good ol' blanket scarf can be worn so many ways and keep you warm when and where you need it. I like to wear it with the triangle in the front, and pull it up around my face to combat wind, over my shoulders like a shawl when my core needs more warming, wrapped around my head like a hood, but one of my favorite multi functions of this scarf is that it can actually be used as a great outdoor blanket.

I sourced a superior limited fabric from my natural textile source that is a 10oz, 55% recycled hemp/ 45% organic cotton blend, and is a nice thick 50/50 weave that is somehow mesmerizing to look at. The weft and warp being different colors gives it a neat 2 color appearance, and gives its hand fringed edges diversity. Its surprisingly super soft and cozy on the skin, which is slightly uncharacteristic of hemp. Hemp is one of the strongest and most sustainable fibers. The comfort and durability IN ONE textile is hard to find and I am certain this scarf will last you a life time, only getting softer and softer over time. 

Dimensions are approximately 54"x 49". Available in ROSE, SLATE, and WINTER. I've prewashed several times to preshrink the fabric and get it nice and soft feeling as soon as it's in your hands. Comes thoroughly and thoughtfully frayed by me with a nice protection stitch so it doesn't fray more than you'd want it to.