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My sister and I have joined forces to raise some money to help our Mom out. Emily (Whiskey Dog Wares) and I both learned to sew when we were very young and we both ended up creating businesses out of it. Although we make very different products, we both have a love for QUALITY and FUNCTIONALITY. Each named pulled will win something from BOTH of our shops- and

This listing represents 1 RAFFLE TICKET. First-Place winner gets any product from SIREN CO. made-to-order in their own color choices AND any product from WHISKEY DOG WARES made-to-order with their own color choices(some small limitations may apply). THREE 2nd place winners will win a $50 gift certificate to EACH of our stores.

The money will ALL go to help our Mom. Here's the situation: Our mom has been diagnosed with early on-set alzheimer's and has been waiting on disability for 2.5 years. She has been living on $1000 a month from early retirement. She got evicted from her small apartment in St.Petersburg, FL and could not find an affordable place to live. Luckily, she had a friend in Hudson who owns a house and was willing to let my mom live there for $500 a month. That leaves my mom only $500 a month to pay for bills, food, dog food, emergencies, etc. She recently claimed bankruptcy to clear her of some debts... yet, she often has negative account balances when her next check is still weeks away. We have gotten some legal papers threatening to take my mom's belongings and we need to pay them some money by the end of June. We know this is not a long term fix, but we're hoping to raise enough money to get the lawyers off our backs, and provide some income relief for a few months while we figure out our next step.

Our mom is such a sweet, kind, compassionate little lady and hasn't deserved much of the struggles she has had over her lifetime. Emily and I are very stressed, worried, and unable to help financially. We greatly appreciate anything that can help us out with this, and we wanted to be able to offer up something to the people who are kind enough to help us with this.

$10 per ONE ticket, order as many as you'd like. Names to be chosen on Friday June 23rd.