SIREN co. is a small batch design and manufacturing studio founded and run by Chloe Miller. A part time helper, Erica Krizen was brought on in 2020. Erica helps with manufacturing and shipping.

The SIREN co. mission is to make incredibly thoughtful and functional designs. Chloe's passion for a more simple, quality life inspires designs that are meant to last for years, and serve many purposes. Spending much of her time obsessing over the beauty of southern appalachian mountains, Chloe often designs with the outdoors in mind. Things that benefit the lifestyle of gardening, hiking, outdoor photography, and mountain living in general.

Quality, functionality, versatility, and aesthetics are all considered greatly when designs are manifested, from idea all the way through prototyping, and manufacturing.


I am an introverted homebody, building a life for myself in the great southern Appalachian mountains of WNC. I love the sound of babbling brooks and small streams, and the entire feeling of the moist dark woods that accompany it. I spend a lot of my time studying, growing, and photographing plants. I have recently started a side business as a back yard plant nursery.

I have many other interests, and consider myself to be an autodidact. I love to do things myself and constantly have to be DOING something. I don't really know how to sit still. I love to learn new things and gain knowledge that I deem useful.

My husband, Jeff Loops, and I, along with 3 cats and 2 dogs currently reside in a house with 1.5 acres of land that we bought 5 years ago. We have been putting a lot of work into it, knowing it was an investment. We now own 40 acres of raw forested mountain land and are beginning the process of building our house, entirely by ourselves.

I learned how to use a sewing machine at age 12, and just taught myself as I went along.  My interest in sewing gear started back in ‘07. I started making bike messenger bags with the dream of moving up to backpacks one day and have just constantly evolved since then. I have started to feel like I’ve really honed in on my style, and purpose. I completed the pattern making course at Asheville School of Apparel Arts, and recently dived into my life long dream of designing and making clothing.