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BUCKET BAG-Black,Brown, or Olive

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Strap with Brass hardware?

These bucket bags are probably the most versatile design I have come up with. Endless organizational and carry options.

Pair it with OUR LOG CARRIER and store your kindling in style. In summer, use it to organize garden tools needed for the every day upkeep, or use it to gather the harvest! Store linens in the bathroom, socks in the closet, cover an old ugly plastic pot and let that house plant shine.

Fill it up with root vegetables for your pantry, take it to the market and fill it up with groceries, live in a van? get yourself 5 of these and keep your stuff organized and efficient.

Organize your craft supplies, or dog toys, put a blanket in there and let your cat sleep in it! (cute) Seriously, This thing can take care of so many things I have not thought of yet. Replace all those ugly milk crates and cardboard boxes.

You can choose to order one with or without the strap. The SOLID brass hardware can add a bit onto the price, but I wanted to offer it because it can be very useful, yet I know the strap wont be necessary for some uses and wanted to allow folks to save some bucks that way.

There are multiple sizes, get a set to suit all the possibilities. 
The MEDIUM bags are 10" in diameter and 9" tall.
The LARGE are 12" in diameter and 11" tall.