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I use a wood stove as our main heat source and so we carry loads of wood into our living room often. I made this log carrier to not only carry more wood then I can in my arms(and less awkwardly), but, also to minimize the amount of wood debris that ends up all over my floor around the stove. It has helped immensely and I am now offering them here in my shop!

With the waxed coating, when the logs I bring in are covered in snow, the water melt doesn't go all over the floor, the bag holds it in until you can dump it out. Gotta love functional pieces like this.

A very durable bag made even more durable with a double layer bottom and 1 1/4" heavy duty cotton webbing that continues all the way around the bag for more stability and equaling of load.

The carrier is approximately 20" long x 13" deep, and the sides are 9" high.